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Helen Edwards

When I was twelve I made my mother read my very first full length novel. It was a rip-off of Tolkien, which she very gently pointed out. That didn't stop me (I wrote at least three more Tolkien "inspired" stories before I found my own voice). I'm still caught by folklore, by stories about women, stories of witches and monsters and people who embody all these things. 


In time I've lived with a storyteller in a house that used to be a stable, roamed ancient byways with Welsh folk musicians, faced off bears, grad school, and my own health and filled up with stories.

Changeling studios was a way to gather all my art into one place. You'll find a gallery of work that I've done for myself and friends, as well as all my writings (well, not all - my early Tolkien story is not here and neither is my modern-day Phantom of the Opera/Amelia Peabody inspired novel). 

If you find a painting on my website you like, feel free to message me for pricing!

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